Clinique Santé 440 is a public clinic (GMF) that opened its doors on May 1st 2017.

It is located in the Carrefour Santé 440, an innovative medical complex encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.  Using cutting-edge technology, our team takes pride ensuring you have a warm and positive experience in our clinic.



Family Doctor

The Clinique Santé 440 offers you an attentive clinical follow-up in a pleasant environment.

Learn more about the services offered by your family physician.

Specialized doctors

Appointments with specialists are available by request from your family physician.


General surgery





Other health care professionals

Patients may benefit from our team of healthcare professionals if needed.


Nurse practicioner

Social worker


Medical follow-ups

All of our doctors work in Advanced Access to be available when you most need it.

Medical follow-ups can be booked only a couple weeks in advance, which allows your doctor to offer emergency appointments. However, if you family physician is not available, the other doctors in the clinic are there to help.

Urgent appointments

Our urgent care is available in priority to patients followed at our clinic.

If you have an urgent health problem:

  1. During our opening hours, dial 450-686-8444
  2. Outside our opening hours, contact Bonjour Santé™ at 514-910-1617 or through their website