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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide quality medical services to promote the health and well-being of our patient-partners.

Whether it is the smile of our staff, the quality of our healthcare team or our desire to adopt technologies that improve your experience at the clinic (appointments soon-to-be available on the net, waiting room management, telephony IP ...), our goal remains to apply best practices in medicine.

Prioritizing values ​​of respect and humanism, we want the clinic to reflect our commitment to continually improve our services.

By encouraging the optimal use of the electronic medical record and the DSQ (Dossier Santé Québec), we are keen to create an environment that works efficiently and without paper that respects the environment.

Meet our Team

Favoring a happy mix of experience and youth, we associate ourselves with quality doctors.

Dr Jacques Schérer

Family physician

Dr Danièle Rousseau



Dr Dominique Synnott

General surgeon